Enhance the value of every curb.


Intelligent curbside management solutions that modernize public sector parking programs and deliver greater convenience for drivers.

Citation & Permit Administration

Simplify parking citations & permits. Our integrated system cuts risk, boosts revenue, and enhances customer service. We seamlessly connect with existing solutions, paving the way for future innovation.

Business Intelligence

We capture and analyze information about parking and curbside use to help municipal leaders optimize curbside management and make parking more convenient for drivers.


Optimize your parking enforcement efficiency. CitySight can help municipal leaders optimize parking enforcement efficiency to help city leaders mitigate pollution and congestion, promote public safety and increase accessibility. 

Dynamic Pricing and Occupancy Management

A 360-degree view of your parking operation. “We are what we measure,” and Trellint works with clients to identify key performance metrics, including operational measures, system availability, and other critical aspects of a program. 

Asset and Resource Management

Save time and boost productivity. Manage your city’s curbside inventory, from parking meters to dynamic message signs and payment apps, using a single, integrated platform. We reduce the time transportation professionals spend on finding information, trimming operational costs, and boosting productivity, by automatically collecting and disseminating performance data, revenue information, and other vital insights. 

Making it Easier to Pay for Parking in the U.K.

In the U.K., it’s estimated that approximately 39 million journeys end at a parking space each day, and at any given moment 30% of drivers in city centres are seeking a parking spot.

And as technologies have evolved, the widespread use of mobile apps enabled to include paying for parking is now common in most cities.

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