Optimize your parking enforcement efficiency. CitySight can help municipal leaders optimize parking enforcement efficiency to help city leaders mitigate pollution and congestion, promote public safety and increase accessibility. 

Mobile Citation Software and Management

  • Boost Efficiency: Issue citations faster and with fewer errors using license plate recognition and GIS integration.
  • Optimize Resources: Real-time data helps supervisors deploy resources for better turnover and avoid predatory enforcement.
  • Empower Officers: Easily search scofflaws, review violations, capture meter details, and communicate with back-office systems.
  • Intuitive App: Automate citation issuance with pre-programmed options and easy data entry.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Monitor performance at all levels with the CitySight Enforcement Productivity Manager dashboard.

Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) system integration

Leveraging our expertise in imaging, machine learning, and data, ALPR delivers robust, high-accuracy license plate recognition for access control, parking, virtual permits, and more.

MergeĀ® Curbside Management: One Platform, Total Control

  • Manage staff, equipment, and revenue in a single, GIS-powered portal.
  • Boost productivity with insightful reports on repairs and technician performance.

Optimize enforcement by reallocating resource demand areas.