Dynamic Pricing and Occupancy Management

A 360-degree view of your parking operation. “We are what we measure,” and Trellint works with clients to identify key performance metrics, including operational measures, system availability, and other critical aspects of a program. 

Occupancy Detection and Prediction

Unveil the curb: See It, predict it, manage it.

  • Real-time & historical data: Gain insights into revenue, occupancy, demand, turnover, and more.
  • Optimize operations: Monitor system utilization, maintenance, enforcement needs, and finances.
  • Smart sensor placement: Reduce infrastructure costs with our data-driven approach.

Automate Dynamic Pricing

End Parking Frustration.

  • Reduce circling & congestion: Dynamic pricing encourages drivers to park in underutilized spaces.
  • Optimize parking availability: Merge® sets optimal rates based on real-time demand.
  • Machine learning: Automate pricing adjustments for a seamless parking experience.