Citation & Permit Administration

Simplify parking citations & permits. Our integrated system cuts risk, boosts revenue, and enhances customer service. We seamlessly connect with existing solutions, paving the way for future innovation.

Parking citation processing: payments, adjudication and noticing

Streamline your Parking Enforcement.

  • Manage payments, adjudications & notices – all in one place.
  • Improve accuracy, efficiency & customer service.
  • Reduce congestion & improve safety for everyone.

The eTIMS solution includes:

  • DMV integration
  • Tailored notices
  • Hearings & cashiering
  • Boot & tow support

Payment plans and managed receivables collections

Convenient Payment Options with CiteWeb.

  • Self-service payment plans: Drivers can easily set up payment options online, saving them time.
  • Streamlined collections: We handle past-due citations, ensuring efficient recovery.

Virtual Permits

Go paperless with virtual permits!

  • Residents buy & manage permits online (new cars, visitor permits).
  • Officers instantly verify permits on tablets/laptops.
  • Saves time, reduces hassle for everyone.

Fleet Management

Effortless Fleet Permit Management with MERGE®

  • Control access to restricted areas (loading docks) for authorized vehicles.
  • LPR verification ensures only permitted vehicles enter.
  • Saves time and improves security.

Non-parking Violation Processing

Streamline non-parking violations.

  • Automate & connect systems for courts & law enforcement.
  • Share files electronically & eliminate manual work.
  • Faster processing of misdemeanors.