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Citation & Permit Administration

Streamline customer service with clear notices, flexible payments (app, phone, online, mail) & easy hearings. Public portals simplify residential/guest permit applications & renewals.


Simplify parking enforcement with license plate recognition & GIS integration. Reduce errors with meter & mobile pay integration, and optimize patrols with real-time data for improved turnover, accessibility, and safety.

Business Intelligence

Unify curbside data for smarter management. Implement policies that expand access, reduce congestion, and improve safety. Leverage data to optimize parking, staff schedules, and enforcement for a more convenient and efficient curb.

Dynamic Pricing & Occupancy Management

Award-winning dynamic pricing to reduce congestion and improve safety for drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists. Real-time data helps drivers find parking faster through apps and online tools, while open APIs integrate seamlessly with existing services.

Asset & Resource Management

Streamline field operations with real-time data on broken meters, closures, etc. It integrates disparate systems for data-driven decisions and manages all curbside assets (cameras, meters, signs) for informed policy changes and performance tracking.

Transform your city streets. 

Prioritize safety for drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians, all while modernizing parking and improving convenience.

Experts in curbside management


collected annually in
parking citations​


citations managed


online payments
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