Business Intelligence

We capture and analyze information about parking and kerbside use to help municipal leaders optimize kerbside management and make parking more convenient for drivers.

Cities are struggling with a surge in traffic and limited parking. Traditional kerbside management just isn’t enough. Merge® tackles this challenge. It’s an award-winning system that provides a single platform to manage personnel, assets, and revenue. Merge uses GIS data to give you a clear picture of kerbside use, empowering you to implement policies that improve access, reduce congestion, and make streets safer.

Kerbside Mapping

Merge®: Smarter kerbside management with data insights.

  • Understand kerb use: Capture and analyze data to make informed decisions.
  • Dynamic kerbside policies: Tailor regulations to your city’s unique needs.
  • Improved health, safety, and access: Optimize kerbside use for everyone.

Data Visualizations

Visual insights power action.

  • Leverage advanced analytics to translate data into actionable insights.
  • User-friendly GIS dashboards with clear icons reveal parking trends, payments, turnover, and overall kerbside activity.

Performance Metrics

Data-driven decisions for smarter parking.

  • Track key metrics: Go beyond tickets with insights on efficiency, staffing, and patrol routes.
  • Optimize operations: Improve enforcement fairness, efficiency, and staff schedules.
  • Empower leaders: Make data-driven decisions for a better parking experience for everyone.

Recommendations and Dashboards

Actionable insights for kerbsides.

  • Uncover opportunities: Gain insights into all aspects of kerb management, from meters to micromobility.
  • Drive informed policy: Get data-driven recommendations for every kerbside operation.
  • Stay informed: Generate automatic reports and customize them to your needs.